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70 days ago - Prontera 174, 204 - KylieGreeder
x1Sky Deleter Card5,000,000z
x29Scorpion Tail900z
x1Shawl Of Judgement2,000,000z
x1Unknown #169540,000z
x1Unknown #169540,000z
x1Unknown #169140,000z
x1Unknown #169140,000z

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1 hour ago Flail Goblin Ring
3 days agoMicaela: B>Ring of flame lord (18kk)
3 days agoApril: honey
2 days agoKristofer: GG
2 days agoJacob: is this iRO restart  server?
31 minutes agoLane: ??
12 minutes agoVictor: buying +7 jur{4} 2.5m
10 minutes agoVictor: you can chat me in RO international chaos, chat:poooch