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232 days ago - Prontera 174, 204 - Shugo Krad
x1Ice Titan Card4,000,000z
x1Gargoyle Card3,500,000z
x1Death Word Card750,000z
x3Wanderer Card4,000,000z
x1Anubis Card4,000,000z
x1Sky Deleter Card900,000z
x1Roween Card300,000z
x1Orc Warrior Card300,000z
x1Flora Card280,000z
x1Zombie Prisoner Card500,000z
x1Nine Tail Card500,000z

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5 days agoGeorge: Hello
5 days agoHerta: People only come where when ragial down? xD
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5 days agoHamza: B>FAW +9 EA4 x2 rodex to d-smith
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2 days agoAlba: a
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