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GGWP Davai
313 days ago - Prontera 164, 100 - Joker_suicide_squad
x1Falcon Muffler3,300,000z
x1Costume: Baphomet Hat6,500,000z
x1WoE Manteau [1]17,000,000z
x1WoE Boots [1]7,000,000z
x1WoE Suits [1]6,500,000z
x1WoE Robe [1]3,200,000z
x320Poison Herb Amoena9,000z
x200Poison Herb Rantana700,000z
x440Poison Herb Scopolia15,000z
x300Poison Herb Makulata1,200,000z
x300Poison Herb Nerium40,000z
x400Poison Herb Seratum23,000z

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